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4 Creative Ways to Use Window Graphics for Your Business

July 26, 2022 In Inspiration,Marketing Tips

When businesses invest in marketing, many of them turn to the forms that first come to mind, such as digital, direct mail, or outdoor. However, one particularly underrated form of marketing is window graphics. Window graphics are made with vinyl that will easily stick to glass to display any message of your choosing. They are also incredibly eye-catching: up to 95% of consumers can be reached by window signage, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Even beyond marketing, window graphics can become a useful tool for businesses to reinforce important messages throughout their office or further customize their space. Keep reading to discover our best tips for using window graphics and get inspired to utilize them at your own company.

Special Promotions

For many businesses, the entrance to their building is surrounded by large windows. This area is prime real estate to present guests with an important message as they enter your business. To make the most of this space, one strategy that can be effective is advertising a special promotion or event with graphics that will catch your audience’s attention from a distance. It’s relatively simple to install and remove window graphics, so they can be switched out easily to keep the focus on a new, relevant promotion. Then, each time someone visits your businesses, they’ll be greeted with a fresh and engaging message.

Art Installations

On the other hand, you may want to use your window graphics to display a more permanent piece. Consider creating a creative art installation that is relevant to your brand, sets the tone for your business, or showcases your core values. For a more professional art piece, you can choose to commission a local artist to create something for you. However, if you’re interested in adding a more personal touch, you could also consider tapping your employees to collectively create a piece that is authentic to your company. This installation could be placed near the front doors of your business, as we discussed earlier, or on a large window inside your office that employees will pass frequently.

Written Messages

If you’re not ready to commit to a large art piece or advertisement, window graphics that only utilize text can still be quite compelling. A smaller installation that promotes your brand’s core mission, values, or other key themes in a more literal way can serve as an important reminder to employees and new visitors alike. When even a simple message is written in large text and displayed prominently, it instantly becomes a powerful visualization of your brand and the business’ mission.

Create Privacy

If your building contains a lot of windows that face busy streets or hallways, it may be helpful to invest in window film that can create more privacy in key spaces. With offices or conference rooms that are surrounded by clear windows, your team may feel like they’re always on display. Adding a frosted glass look will allow people to feel more comfortable knowing they can make calls or give presentations without other eyeballs peering in. Window film can also create an almost futuristic look that helps any space feel more modern. If you want to add additional visual interest, consider including your brand’s logo on the film.

When creating window graphics for your business, be sure to pay extra close attention to basic design principles. Window decals are often very large and prominently placed, so every imperfection will be amplified. Look for issues with alignment, contrast, balance, and space to avoid designs that look busy, or unfinished. If you need help designing your window graphics or coming up with ideas that work with your business, shoot us a message and our experts will be glad to advise you.