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Custom Packaging Tips That Feel Expensive (But Aren’t)

November 2, 2021 In Marketing Tips

With the ever-increasing popularity of unboxing and consumers continuing to prioritize experiences, custom packaging is becoming a necessity for retail brands, particularly those that operate entirely online. All it takes is one popular social media user to feature your products, and your packaging is suddenly on display for the world to see. According to YouTube, since the platform launched in 2005, consumers have spent more than 60 million hours watching other people open packages.

You may be worried that the cost of custom packaging will outweigh the benefits, but there are many personalized options available that can make an impact without breaking the bank. In fact, in our experience, sometimes it’s the subtle details that create the best impression.

Insert Cards

Including an insert card in your packages is almost like sending a personal thank you note to each of your customers. Simply including a card with a short message showing your gratitude for their purchase can make your customers more likely to recommend your business to a friend or even place a repeat order themselves. If you have the time, we recommend creating a hand-written note on a branded card, though a pre-typed message works well, too. Either way, adding this extra print shows your business is thoughtful and goes above and beyond for its customers. Plus, most insert cards are as small as a business card or postcard, which means you could pay just pennies per card depending on the size of your order.

Brand Colored Materials

As you know, packaging is much more than just the cardboard box your product arrives in. There’s the interior padding, tissue paper, ribbons, and other small details to account for, as well. These elements provide an opportunity to show your brand’s personality without the heightened expense of larger branded materials. Instead of gravitating toward standard white packing materials, see if your vendor can provide them in a color that matches your brand’s color palette for a similar price. To further differentiate your business, you could also use easily sourced, unconventional materials that fit your brand, such as butcher paper, old newspapers or yarn.

Custom Stamp

If you’ve scrolled through unboxing videos, you likely noticed some brands make a bold statement by creating colorful packages with their logo printed all over. That kind of customization may be out of your budget, but you can achieve a very similar effect with a branded stamp. Creating a large stamp that features your logo or business name is a one-time cost of about $50, which will provide nearly endless usage. You’ll only need to remember to order more ink as needed. that will give you nearly endless mileage, only requiring you to purchase more ink as needed. You could also consider a branded roller stamp to give your package a creative, ribbon-wrapped effect. These solutions are both cost-effective and add just seconds to your total packaging time.


Similar to a stamp, stickers can be used to display your brand logo or other important messages on both the outside and inside of your package. Stickers can be black and white, multicolored, large or small – whatever best fits your brand and your budget. If placed along the seams of your package, stickers can also help illustrate that the product is secure and hasn’t been tampered with. Depending on your desired sticker size, you can stock up on hundreds of stickers for about the same price as a custom stamp. That’s a small price to pay for an improved customer experience and packaging that is uniquely, recognizably yours.