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Essential Prints for Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic

August 13, 2020 In Design,Inspiration

By now, most states in the US have reopened to some degree after facing shutdowns due to the covid-19 pandemic. As we slowly return to work, many businesses are discovering a very different reality than what they faced at the start of the year. Business owners across the country are now faced with difficult choices on how they will keep their employees and customers safe, while still running a productive business.

In our experience, print materials can be some of the most effective ways to communicate important information to your key audience. At this point, we know we’ll need to educate customers on the ever-changing state safety requirements for the foreseeable future. Putting some thought into strategically placed materials now can make the return to business a bit easier and take a little pressure off of your team as they try to enforce these standards. Keep reading to discover our top recommendations.

Window Clings

We now have more information than ever to communicate to customers before they even walk through our doors. One of the best places to relay these messages can be window clings on your doors. This is prime real estate to let them know about changing hours, local mask requirements and social distancing policies, so they know what to expect before entering. You can also use window clings to designate different doors for entrances, exits and order pickup to avoid unnecessary contact between customers. While we call these decals “window clings,” these can be used inside as well to provide further instruction inside your space.

When creating your designs, keep in mind that your visitors will likely only give each sign a quick glance. We recommend making your messages big, bold and short in order to effectively deliver your most important points. If you can use a graphics or symbols in place of wordy phrases, that’s even better.


One of the quickest ways to inform guests of critical information is to use posters and other signage throughout your space. You can use these larger pieces to display details and updates, such as special promotions, new services (like curbside pickup or online ordering), or any required safety measures. You might also use signage to clearly mark tables or certain areas that are temporarily closed off to allow for social distancing, or to specify certain areas customers can stand while they wait to be helped.

By this point, though, some of us may feel fatigued by the constant reminders to cover our faces and social distance. As an alternative, you could consider using signs to reinforce messages of positivity, kindness and joy throughout your business. Customers may appreciate your positive attitude and leave your store with a smile on their face – beneath their mask, of course.


Another printing service that’s exploding in popularity this year is floor decals. These adhesives can be used to help enforce social distancing. We’ve seen businesses use these decals to keep guests appropriately spaced out as they wait to check out, place an order or speak to a team member. If you have a larger business with lots of aisles, you could also consider creating other floor decals, such as arrows, to direct customers in one direction throughout the space and minimize contact.

One major concern we often hear is whether floor decals get scuffed up quickly as guests repeatedly step on them. Professionally made decals can hold up surprisingly well to heavy traffic, but if you have questions about choosing long-lasting materials, shoot us a message or consult your own local printer for help.


If you want to give guests a lasting message even after they’ve gone home, try slipping a flyer or small card in their bag or stapling one to each customer’s receipt. During the pandemic, these print pieces provide an opportunity to give your audience more details about the safety measures your business has implemented. The goal is to reassure your customers to come back again, or if they were using a pickup service, to feel safe actually coming inside next time. This is also a great place to advertise any sales or special deals you’re offering. Whichever route you take, your customers should feel encouraged to reward your store with more purchases in the future.