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Graphic Design Trends to Expect In 2022

February 1, 2022 In Design,Inspiration

Welcome to 2022! A new year brings a new start, new opportunities, and best of all, new graphic design trends. To us, 2022 represents a year of optimism, expanding horizons, and reflection on how far we’ve come, and we expect the year’s graphic design trends to reflect those ideas. Follow along with us to hear our predictions and let us know your own trend forecast in the comments!

A Craving for Color

For the last few years, minimalism has been the name of the color game. From company logos to website redesigns, brands have opted for neutral colors, sleek fonts and subtle accents. However, after a somber couple of years, we think we could all use a bit more color and spirit in our world. Bright colors stand out from any crowd, but they’ll be especially eye-catching against the many understated styles that have been the popular choice as of late.

Instead of continuing to pair various neutrals together (which is still a classic look, don’t get us wrong), we expect to see graphic designers experiment more with unexpected color combinations. We already saw this trend set by Pantone last month with their Color of the Year, Very Peri, a new shade of purple-blue that the company created specifically to convey happiness, warmth, and fresh possibilities for the new year. Now cue the many brands following with their own vivid pops of color in their campaigns, marketing materials, and rebrands to come.

Back to the 90s

The 90s began more than 30 years ago (deep breaths, millennials), but the trends from that era are back and better than ever. Americans love to nostalgically reflect on past decades, and this year, all the focus is on the “Information Age” of the 1990s. The latest retro craze has ushered in the return of styles like neon, grunge, abstract shapes and early technology aesthetics. For many adults today, this decade represents the comfort and childhood memories of the “good old days,” which makes it a clear choice for new and appealing designs this year.

Some early trendsetters have already jumped on this trend, and with the recent popularity of Netflix’s film Fear Street Part One: 1994, we’ll be shocked if there’s not a surge of 90s-inspired marketing campaigns in 2022. In the coming months, look for nostalgic pop culture references, bright pastel color schemes (as we predicted earlier), and even grunge-y styles to make appearances in new graphic designs.

Art Deco

Art Deco styles have been making their way back into popular culture for some time now, but we expect this trend to really take off this year. Art Deco rose to prominence in the design world in the 1920s, making this decade its 100th anniversary – the perfect time to mount a full comeback. The “Roaring Twenties” were a time of economic prosperity and innovation for the US after years of war, and Art Deco represented the public’s attitude toward modernity, change and resilience. In our opinion, that’s exactly the kind of energy consumers will be looking for from designers during 2022 and beyond.

The principles of Art Deco include symmetry, bold lines, geometric shapes, and deep, rich color. For reference, think of the aesthetics of The Great Gatsby, the musical Cabaret, and even the Chrysler Building in New York City. Art Deco stands in stark contrast to the 90s styles we discussed earlier, making it a great alternative trend for brands that don’t align with edgier, grungier designs. From subtle stylistic touches to elegant geometric patterns, we can’t wait to see where brands take the Art Deco trend in the coming year.