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How to Get the Most Out of Your Print Orders

March 1, 2022 In Marketing Tips

Is your business looking to get the most bang for your buck with its marketing budget? Trick question – we know every business likes to save cash when they can. Lucky for you, we’re experts in maximizing the impact of every dollar spent on printing orders. Keep reading to discover some of our best tips on getting the most out of your future print projects.

Order in Bulk

When working on a print order, keep in mind that your cost per print will always be lower at higher quantities. Each print order includes fixed costs, such as set up and plate-making, so if your organization can place one larger order, you can take advantage of significant savings. Printers often extend price breaks at specific quantities, so be sure to check with your print partner to find out the volume needed to receive a lower cost per print.

If you’d like to increase your print quantity, consider if you can order for all your business locations at once, or plan ahead and print promotional materials for multiple seasons at the same time. This strategy also works particularly well for any evergreen prints that you’ll use year-round. Because they can be used continuously, you can order a larger volume while still feeling confident that each print will be used regularly.

Conserve Paper

If increasing the quantity isn’t in the cards for your organization, you might take the opposite approach and condense the paper needed to fulfill your print order. Instead of using a full sheet for each print, consider reformatting your design to make it skinnier or shorter, which will allow you to fit multiple prints on one piece of paper. Using this strategy, you can cut your print order in half or more.

When creating a direct mail campaign, you may want to stick with a larger size print to make an impact in your recipients’ mailboxes. However, you can still conserve paper by opting for a postcard-style mailer. Postcards can be sent without an envelope and boast lower postage rates, which helps lower the cost of every mailer you send.

Include Digital Elements

For many companies, the goal of print marketing is to engage their audience and encourage readers to take an interest in their business. With a standalone print, consumers are limited to only the messages you include on the piece itself. Thanks to technology, though, we’re now able to bridge the gap between print and digital experiences.

To extend your print audience’s exposure to your brand, consider including links or QR codes to digital components, such as your company website, promotional landing pages, or videos. These avenues can provide additional content to help potential customers learn more about your brand than you could fit in the physical space of your print materials.

Ask for Alternatives

Remember, your printer is the expert here. Don’t be afraid to ask your print partner for their professional recommendations on how to get the most out of your print project. Consider inquiring about inexpensive yet durable paper options, adjusting ink usage to save costs, or other ideas they’ve seen that could improve your campaign. Your printer has already seen it all, and they can offer a wealth of knowledge to make sure your business is making the smartest choices. If you need print advice, shoot us a message or reach out to a local printer in your area.