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How Your Business Can Spread Positivity

September 2, 2020 In Inspiration,Marketing Tips

Uncertain. Stressful. Scary. Turbulent.

These are just a few of the words people might use to describe 2020 so far. The coronavirus pandemic has thrown everyone into unease, including both consumers and businesses.  When every day is full of anxiety and uncertainty, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay positive.

During this time, we all can play a role in lifting each other’s spirits, and that includes businesses. We believe local companies can become a source of positivity in their communities when they need it most. Check out our best advice and ideas below to get started.

Create Uplifting Prints

One of the most impactful ways to spread positivity in your business is to create an uplifting environment. Even if you don’t have many customers or clients visiting right now, a more welcoming and inspiring atmosphere can boost employee morale during such a stressful time. According to the National Counselling Society, more visual stimulation and an aesthetically pleasing environment can visibly lift people’s moods, while a bland, dull or dark environment is negatively correlated with mental health.

To start creating a more positive atmosphere, we recommend printing uplifting messages on posters that you can hang up throughout your office or store. You might choose to display your favorite quotes or lively pictures to brighten up the space. To further create an inspiring atmosphere, you should also strategically consider your color choices, as different colors can completely change the entire mood. Learn more about the psychology behind color choices here.

If you feel like ideas for uplifting prints aren’t coming to mind easily, skip the cheesy generic posters from the superstore and consider reaching out to a local artist. You can still add welcoming colors and designs into your space while supporting your town’s economy. The artist will also likely highlight the work you select on his or her own marketing channels, giving your business a boost in return.

Reframe Safety Reminders

In these times, there’s a good chance you’ll have to put up safety reminders and requirements somewhere in your business. These messages don’t have to be dispiriting, though. Whenever you can, reframe the content to focus on the positive of these efforts. Instead of saying “you cannot enter without a mask,” remind guests to “please help protect yourself and those around you by wearing a mask.” Small wording changes can be difference between sounding strict and showing how much you care for your community.

Share Inspiring Stories

As often as you can, share inspiring stories you come across in your organization. Either on social media or printed flyers in your store, consider highlighting employees who have gone above and beyond in their role at your business, or who have moving personal stories that they don’t mind you sharing. This gesture shows your team that you value your work (especially during a crisis like a pandemic) and tells your audience that your commitment to positivity is more than just a standard corporate statement.

To further spread positivity, you may also consider shifting your brand’s marketing materials to focus on inspirational messages. When many of the stories your audience sees each day revolve around more negative news, you can remind them that there are brighter days ahead and we’ll all get through these challenges together.

Leave a Kind Message

Your efforts to spread positivity can also extend outside your walls. If you want to leave your guests with an uplifting message even after they’ve left, try designing your note on small to-go cards. These business card-sized prints can be slipped into to-go bags, attached to receipts or left in a stack by the door for customers to grab as they leave. There are a variety of different messages you could print your card that would leave an impact. You could offer a special promotion, write a silly and funny saying or give your guests a challenge to pass on the positivity in their own lives.

This is also an opportunity to send a nice, branded thank you card to special customers who have helped your business weather the storm. During times of heightened stress, everyone can appreciate a kind note that shows someone appreciates them. For more ideas or advice on these branded notes, check out our Services page, or consult your own trusted local printer.