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Local Print Shops vs. Online Printers

May 12, 2020 In Marketing Tips

As a growing company ourselves, we understand that business owners constantly feel the pressure to find both high-quality and low-cost solutions. When it comes time to order print materials, it can be confusing to discern whether an online service or local shop is the best option. An online printer seems like easy to use, but will it deliver on quality? Will a local shop be able to produce your project efficiently?

If you’re not sure where to turn for your next print project, let us help guide the way. Keep reading below to discover some of the most important considerations when choosing a print partner.

Personalized Service

Online printing services can seem like an easy way to get the materials you need, but you’ll quickly find you’re very limited with the kinds of projects you can create. If you work with a local printer, you have the option to sit down with an expert who understands your goals and is committed to reaching them. They’ll be able to suggest ideas you may not have considered, provide examples of successful past projects and offer details to take your prints to the next level. You’re never limited to a drop-down menu of basic options. Instead, you can make your prints as creative and customized as you want.

Over time, you’ll develop relationships with this smaller group of people and know you can rely on them. If you go online, you may spend valuable time searching for answers to your specific questions or tracking down a live person if you discover an issue. A local shop provides access to a real employee who knows you personally and always ensures your project is done right. You simply can’t get that kind of guarantee from a faceless online-only organization.

Guaranteed Final Product

When you’re developing a project for your next event or opportunity, it’s important that each print comes out correctly without any mishaps. To make that happen, you need a print partner who can guarantee that your final product will be produced to your specifications. A local printer offers samples and proofs of each page, giving you evidence that they can create the high quality product you need. On an online site, you’re more often left saying your prayers that the computer system translated your project correctly and your prints are delivered without mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, it’s easy to correct them early on when you get to review a digital or physical proof of the finished product. This simple but important step can allow your brand to make final adjustments to guarantee your project will come out exactly as you envisioned it. In our experience, the proofing process is critical for providing quality prints that fit our clients’ expectations. Online printers require an additional charge for a physical proof, and the extra shipment can add significant time to the length of your project.

Efficient Use of Time

If you want to avoid problems from beginning to end on your print project, an online interface that you have to navigate on your own may not be the best option. A print shop in your community will clearly explain each step in the process so you know exactly what to expect. As you continue working with the same partner, you’ll develop a routine and the whole process will become seamless and stress-free. You can avoid hassles like confusing pricing or delivery mishaps and get straight to picking up your finished products.

Ordering locally also cuts out the time you spend waiting on shipping and delivery. This is especially important on urgent projects that require a quick turnaround time. If there happens to be an issue with your order, you can easily pop by the shop to get it addressed. If you ask us, a simple conversation sure beats waiting on the phone for a representative, repackaging your prints and mailing them back.

Support Your Community

It’s always nice to support the small businesses in your community. Digital printers can find customers anywhere, but small shops largely rely on local partners for their business. Working with a local printer keeps your hard-earned money within your community and boosts your town’s economy, which is incredibly important for your company as well. Plus, your local shop is likely well-connected with other business owners in your area, and developing a relationship with them could lead to more networking opportunities down the road. When small businesses thrive, everyone in the community thrives – including your brand.