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Designing a Logo: The Dos and Don’ts

As a commercial printing company, we’ve come across thousands of different brands in our 90-year history. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what makes an effective logo – and what’s not-so-effective. Whether you’re branding your new business or refreshing an existing logo, we’ll give you some important dos and don’ts to keep in...  read more

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Print Marketing

Anyone who works for a nonprofit knows their organization has changed significantly in the last several years. With new charitable giving features added to platforms like Facebook and Amazon, much of the marketing and fundraising focus has shifted online. While it’s true that digital media has become an incredibly helpful fundraising tool, nonprofit marketers still...  read more

Why E-Commerce Brands Love Print Marketing

As economic instability and technological changes disrupted the US this year, we’ve seen interesting trends emerge in the advertising industry. While digital ad platforms have seen sales drop this year, traditional ad channels are seeing a resurgence in activity. As of February 2022, a survey from Harvard Business Review indicated marketers planned to increase spending...  read more

The Essential Print Project Checklist

About to submit your latest print project? Stop what you’re doing! Sorry to alarm you, but we wanted to get your attention before you send off a file with an avoidable error. We see prints come through our system all the time with simple formatting or logistical mistakes that would have been caught in a final...  read more