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The Essential Print Project Checklist

About to submit your latest print project? Stop what you’re doing! Sorry to alarm you, but we wanted to get your attention before you send off a file with an avoidable error. We see prints come through our system all the time with simple formatting or logistical mistakes that would have been caught in a final...  read more

Four Tips for Creating Effective Large Format Prints

If your brand is anything like most of our clients, you’re probably looking to make a big impact with your print marketing efforts. Large format printing is one potential avenue that can create a lasting impression with consumers. Prints that take up a larger area are eye-catching by nature, and when positioned within the audience’s line...  read more

How to Handle a Paper Shortage

For years, consumers have dealt with what seems like an endless series of product shortages – and unfortunately, that series isn’t over yet. Across the US, the printing industry is experiencing a paper shortage, which has the potential to become one of the most consequential shortages of the pandemic. This recent shortage is the result of...  read more