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Our Favorite Logo Re-Designs

November 15, 2018 In Design,Inspiration

These days, you can hardly go on social media without seeing another company launching their new brand. While a few classic brands have stuck to their original logos, re-designs have become ubiquitous with “modernizing” a business. It feels like there can’t possibly be any brands left who haven’t redesigned in recent years.

Some of the logo re-designs have been really great, some have been really bad, and some have been barely noticeable. The best ones stay true to the brand’s mission, show a little self-awareness and demonstrate a lot of creativity. Check out our favorite logo re-designs to gain some inspiration and learn from the best.


Mozilla’s logo redesign has been one of the most-talked about it recent history. The company, whose products include Firefox web browser and online security tools, wanted their logo to reflect how the Internet is at the heart of everything they do. Collective opinion says Mozilla knocked it out of the park. They’ve used a simple but strong font, and cleverly used :// to represent the “ill” in the Mozilla name, referencing the format for web URLs. The design ties their brand directly to their product without compromising on readability.


The largest video-sharing website in the world underwent its first logo redesign last year. You’ll remember YouTube’s old branding used a similar font, but incased “Tube” in a darker red box. The new logo emphasizes YouTube’s red “play” button, which is used to start the countless videos on their site. The brand’s marketing team found that the button had become an extremely well-known icon for their audience, and it makes sense to feature it because it’s such an essential part of the YouTube experience.


Chobani’s new brand design marks a big departure from the sleek black-and-white look they had before. The yogurt brand’s new logo is soft and smooth, featuring a vintage-looking serif font, earthy color scheme and graphics that look sketched on rather than real photos. The branding concept was apparently inspired by folk art, of all things. While most major brands redesign their logos to fit the minimalist, ultra-modern trend, Chobani has gone the opposite direction, making them stand out in a sea of black sans-serif logos.


This year, online magazine Slate debuted a new clean and bold logo. The design has a stronger, all-caps typeface, deeper plum color and shows a creative touch with their half-hidden “A” in the middle. Their new logo matches Slate’s self-proclaimed mission to provide “surprising and fresh ways to think about the world.”

TGI Fridays

TGI a better logo. Restaurant chain TGI Fridays reimagined their classic red-and-white-striped logo into a more polished and modern design. Most notably, they dropped the diamond-esque shape, outdated black line strokes and apostrophe in Fridays. The end result keeps their iconic red and white diagonal stripes and bold black font, but brings the design into the 21st century. We’ll let the grammatical error slide on this one.

Did we miss your favorite logo design? Let us know which ones we missed below.