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Print Trends to Watch for 2018

March 9, 2018 In Inspiration,Marketing Tips

We love when our clients call to share their amazing success stories that result from our projects together.  The most significant results often come from those projects where the designers and our team tastefully incorporate the latest trends to help the message pop.

Our team takes pride in researching trends and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  Here are four trends that you should be aware of as you plan your next project.

Spot UV Coating

For quite some time, high gloss prints were in style.  Then, the market shifted towards the simple matte finishes.  Today, some of the most amazing designs combine both into a visual masterpiece.

Spot Coating, spot gloss spot UV all refer to a process we use on prints where coating is applied on a matte surface in specific areas to build contrast that highlights a design feature.  Very few use this feature, and if not left to the experts, spot coating could turn out less than desirable.  In the hands of experts, your project will gain a spark that makes others stop and take note – without breaking the bank.


When you think of foil, your mind might wander to those dated gold and bronze foil concepts that have been used for years.  Luckily, foil comes in nearly every color imaginable and can help the beautiful colors in your logo have a little more flare.

Just like spot coating, another method of adding contrast to your design to grab attention is through foil stamping.  Adding red foil over a matte red print, for instance, creates a vibrant red design that still communicates a logo or message without the presence of another color.

Three Layer Prints

When you think of a printed sheet, naturally you look at the design on the front and back.  Have you ever considered adding some style to the edges?  With three layer prints, we sandwich three individual sheets of paper together.  By simply changing the sheet colors, you create a sandwich  of excitement.

Create a business card with white on the front and back, but a sheet of blue in the middle to add an accent color to your design.  Do you have three colors in your scheme?  Combine all three for a Neapolitan ice cream effect on your print.  If you really want to grab attention, die cut a design out of the top or bottom layer to expose the middle color.


One of the biggest advantages for print is the fact it is tangible.  When we share print samples with clients, we constantly discuss the touch and feel of a product.  When most people touch prints, they always expect to feel a smooth, flat surface.  Adding textures to your print piece shocks those expectations.

Imagine being handed a print from a landscaper, and the images of grass have a subtle grass texture.  Most people who encounter print textures spend long periods of time running their fingers over the design in fascination.  When was the last time someone held your print piece in their hands for so long?

It can be challenging to understand the latest trends in print and design.  That’s why we are here for you. You might be surprised to learn how cost-effective features can deliver an unforgettable experience with your brand’s message.