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The Importance of Branded Packaging

May 24, 2021 In Marketing Tips

Why do so many people bother wrapping their holiday gifts in beautiful paper or themed bags? The gift inside is technically what it’s all about, but it’s nice to see that someone cared enough to spend time thoughtfully assembling it.

The same thinking applies to your product’s packaging. A brown cardboard box may serve your purpose, but it doesn’t tell your customers anything special about your company or show that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Businesses that make the effort to use creatively designed packages for their products will see a variety of benefits in return. We’ll get into the biggest advantages of branded packaging below.

The Unboxing Trend

If you’ve never heard of the “unboxing” trend, you might be in the minority. According to YouTube, videos on their site depicting amateur unboxing have been viewed more than one billion times as of January 2021. In these videos, consumers film themselves simply opening, examining, and sometimes testing out products they’ve bought. Unboxing has become more popular as users turn to online sources for product reviews before they make a purchase. According to a Google Consumer Survey, 62% of unboxing viewers search for the videos when considering making a purchase and looking for more information.

Because there is a strong possibility your product packaging may end up as the subject of a YouTube video, it’s important to make sure it represents your brand well. Your company may earn extra points with the audience for providing a thoughtful package design, and if you include brand colors and logos, you can earn some free additional promotion.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

For many companies, it’s natural to focus exclusively on the quality of the actual product and put other elements, like packaging, on the back burner. Product quality is extremely important, of course, but consumers also tend to appreciate purchases that are delivered in a way that feels intentional and luxurious. Being able to feel the quality for themselves as they open the package sends a sign that they made a good purchase from a superior brand.

When your packaging goes beyond the standard cardboard box, it will feel more like a gift crafted and delivered for each unique customer, rather than just another product. This added care will leave your audience feeling especially satisfied. According to a Dotcom Packaging Report, 40 percent of online shoppers are more likely to recommend products with branded packaging to their friends.

Wow Factor

Clever branding isn’t limited to only your exterior packaging. A growing number of creative brands, including Glossier, Baublebar, and others, have added designs and messages to their interior packaging as well. When a customer opens their delivery, they’re met with pops of color and a welcoming, brand-relevant message. These unexpected details add a “wow factor” that delight customers and leave them with a lasting positive impression.

You can even take your branded packaging a step further and think inside the box. In addition to the physical container your product comes in, you could also consider including decorative ribbon or tissue paper in your brand colors, attaching a business card, or printing a branded thank you note. These small touches can and should reflect the core values of your company. For example, some businesses that particularly value sustainability have used their packaging to remind consumers that all the materials used are 100 percent recycled or compostable. These strategies will make your brand stand out from competitors and give customers a more complete view of who you are as a company. If your business isn’t ready to take the full leap into branded packaging, simply adding in one of these prints, such as a thank you card, can still create a memorable moment for your new audience.

Improve Brand Recognition

Your packaging provides prime real estate to continue telling your brand’s story. Including multiple iterations of your logo, tagline or other branding elements within your product packaging will further strengthen your recognition among customers. It will also reinforce your ability to be consistent across various platforms, which can be reassuring to your audience. Plus, creative packaging will excite many customers, which makes them more likely to remember it, according to the Dotcom report.

If you’re considering creating branded packaging for your products, you’ll want to find a trusted printing partner that can turn your designs into reality. In order to maintain consistency, you’ll want to ensure the prints will use your exact brand colors and represent your logo correctly. You can always consult your local print company, or contact us to get started.