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Trade Show Playbook

January 28, 2019 In Marketing Tips

Trade shows present a unique opportunity to expand your potential customer base, promote your products and meet new contacts. To make the most of your trade show experience, make sure you’ve stocked up on all the print materials you’ll need.


If you want to send a big, clear message to your audience, you need banners at your trade show booth. Big banners will catch attendees’ eyes even from a distance and draw them in to find out more information. They also improve your brand recognition when coordinated with your other print marketing materials.

To get the most out of your banner, we recommend keeping your message short and simple to avoid over-crowding the space. You might include a bold headline, call to action or company slogan. Cramming in tons of words will prevent your brand from standing out.


Like banners, you can easily communicate your brand message with posters on your trade show booth. They can support your overall message and provide supplemental information to your banner. Be sure to keep your poster designs consistent with your banner and other booth elements. You want your brand to look as consistent and put-together as possible.

If you want to elevate your print experience, consider adding an interactive digital element to your poster. Adding a QR code or augmented reality aspect will lead attendees to your company’s landing page, website or other digital property. Interacting both in-person and online will only strengthen your audience’s perception of your brand and help keep the connection strong even after the trade show is over.

Table Displays

Table displays are another resource to further support your brand message and explain to visitors what you do, how you do it and why you do it. Use them to quickly highlight your most important information quickly and easily or to showcase your new products and promotions.

With such little space in your booth, you’ll want to utilize all the space available to display as much information as you can. Some items can be larger and placed toward the back of your table, while smaller items may be set up in the front for the best visibility. Graphics should be creative and effective, and the message should still be kept simple and straight to the point.


Now that they’ve stopped by your booth, your audience needs something they can take with them after they leave the trade show. Brochures are small, portable and allow you to explain your products or services in more detail. Your visitors can grab a brochure after speaking with you and look through them more in depth later. Brochures present an opportunity to remind your new potential customer of your brand and give them a next step to further engage. Offset printing is the perfect choice for printing brochures to make your pamphlets look crisp, clear and eye-catching.

Business Cards

We can’t forget one of the most important aspects of trade shows: networking. Along with all your promotional materials, bring a stack of business cards with your contact information to share with your new contacts. Despite LinkedIn and the Internet, business cards are still one of the easiest and most convenient ways to stay in touch with business connections.

A Little Something Extra

You know what they say: the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Guests come to trade shows expecting giveaway items, but what giveaway item is more enjoyable than food? Pack your booth with a fun popcorn machine or have a local bakery bring in fresh batches of warm cookies. Not only will guests love the treat, but the delicious smells will fill the conference area and draw more people to your booth.