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Using Print Materials to Support Cause Marketing

July 8, 2021 In Marketing Tips

Consumer opinions have been changing rapidly over the last couple years, and more people than ever are showing their support for companies that make an impact on the world. In fact, two-thirds of all consumers now believe that brands should take a stance on issues they believe in, according to Sprout Social.

Smart brands are paying attention to this shift. To publicize their support for causes or nonprofit organizations, many have launched cause marketing campaigns, or initiatives that inform the public of a company’s charitable activities. If you’re looking to initiate and advertise a cause marketing campaign, there are a few print materials you may need to get started.

Promote Your Partnership at Checkout

If your business has a brick-and-mortar storefront, you’re probably already aware of the sales and promotional opportunities of your checkout counter. It’s the one place in your store that every customer making a purchase must stop at. Anything visibly on display at checkout is guaranteed to be seen. For that reason, this is a prime location to promote your cause marketing campaign.

Many companies support causes they care about by donating a percentage of their sales or by asking customers to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar. If your business takes this approach, it’s important to communicate this message to customers while they’re checking out. A simple sign posted or propped up on your counter will make the information highly visible and easy for customers to process quickly. Plus, this message will likely be one of the last things your customers see, leaving them with an even more favorable impression of your brand.

Send a Flyer Home with Customers

For some businesses, especially those that rely heavily on pickups and deliveries, in-store signage may not be an effective strategy for promoting cause marketing. In that case, you might consider creating a small flyer to slip into bags or shipments. You can use this print to raise awareness about your support for your chosen cause, or to prompt customers to take a certain action. If you’d like them to join you in making a donation or encourage them to sign a petition, consider including a QR code on the flyer to lead them directly to the correct link.

If you’re donating a percentage of your sales to the cause, as we mentioned above, you could also use your flyer to give customers a reason to make another purchase. For example, you could provide a small discount on their next order if they bring in the flyer or use a unique code on your website. This strategy benefits both your partnered organization and your own company by driving increased sales, and as a result, increased donations.

Create Personalized Cards

Other companies choose to take a more experience-based approach to cause marketing. If your campaign involves hosting an event or donation drive to support your chosen organization, sending cards or invitations to homes and businesses in your area can be a powerful and personalized way to spread the word. This strategy is especially effective if you’re working with a local nonprofit because members of your community may feel a stronger urge to support an organization that works so close to home. When creating your card or invitation, be sure to include key details of your event and explain exactly how you’ll be supporting the cause. This information will give your audience actionable steps to take and confidence that their efforts will support those in need.

Small print items can also be a helpful tool to tell a more complete story about your cause, whether you’re hosting an event or not. If some elements of your cause marketing campaign are digital, consider creating direct mail flyers or small business cards with links to those pages to further engage your audience. You could use QR codes to link directly to a long-form article about the cause or even a powerful video. Using print materials to promote digital content will extend your overall reach and get more community members on board with your campaign. To get started on print materials for your next campaign or find a partner who can help you start a cause marketing initiative, shoot us a message or reach out to a local print shop in your area.